What our alumni are saying...


Sarah Carson Cloud

I got so much out of the program and continue to benefit from it. In particular, the process of developing a detailed business plan under the guidance of a seasoned professional has resulted in an explosion of growth for my contemporary women's collection, Leota. I realized through DENYC how much a disciplined approach to business planning can bring a fledgling company to the next level.
- Sarah Carson Cloud, Leota New York

Layla L’obatti

DENYC gave us the deadlines and framework to update our business plan to reflect our business’ growth and path going forward. It gave us access to some really great resources that allowed us to understand our customer and focus in on what we offered them and what we could improve.
- Layla L’obatti, Between the Sheets

Ayaka Nishi

After participating in the DENYC holiday pop-up shop, I saw that these events worked for my business so I started to seek out more of these opportunities.
- Ayaka Nishi, Ayaka Nishi New York

Nzinga Knight

DENYC opened my eyes up to many things and I learned so much about business. I’m more confident about doing business and selling. I was uncomfortable with selling my own product, pitching to stores and doing trunk shows etc…and now I love it. I realized that selling is and interacting with customers is important. Doing events has become a part of my business and my marketing strategy. I also learn more about my collection, what people want and what I should design more of.
- Nzinga Knight, Nzinga Knight NY

Anne Pachan

For me, a large benefit of the program was networking with other designers - a curated group of NYC-based designers who are all at a certain level. Because I didn't grow up in the Northeast, I didn't end up at either FIT or Parsons for undergrad, and have been missing that network of entrepreneurial designers.
- Anne Pachan, Cala Ossidiana

Tara St. James

Overall the time spent thinking about my business away from the day to day of the business was most important to me and I will continue to make this time for myself in the future thanks to the program.
- Tara St. James, Study NY

Kristi Vosbeck

DENYC has helped me in many ways… I have since registered trademarks for my business and have been introduced to a stellar accountant. Also, our group had a great sample sale to benefit those affected by Sandy, and I was introduced to a factory which I have used since.
- Kristi Vosbeck, Kristi Vosbeck

Jessica Wade

I approach my design and my business from a hands-on and in-depth perspective. The lectures and mentoring at DENYC refined my working business plan and each year the network of professionals grows and provides new opportunities. My research and studies at DENYC gave me confidence to expand upon a vertical concept where every step of the business, from design to manufacturing and retail, occurs in the Jes Wade Atelier located in TriBeCa.
- Jessica Wade, Jes Wade


The DENYC program made possible building my new relationship with Saks Fifth Avenue. In addition to a successful trunk show, and more scheduled in the future, Saks is looking to expand the number of stores I’m in.
- Kelsy Zimba, Zimba Collections