Anitra Michelle Anitra Michelle Homme

Anitra Michelle
Anitra Michelle Homme

Anitra Michelle is a menswear collection with a strong sense of connection to modernity, originality and a focus on creation, structure and pattern. We experiment with texture, textile innovation and construct our products in New York City. We design for arbiters of style and modern concepts from a femme prospective

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Jaquelyn Wang   Apede Mod

Jaquelyn Wang
Apede Mod

Apede Mod is founded by working women to support others in living smart and looking elegant.
We strive to provide confidence through beauty, and convenience through design.It’s feminine meets masculine, elegance meets utility.

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Marisol Arteaga Arteaga

Marisol Arteaga

Ethically produced, featuring the finest fabrics, intricate workmanship, and artisan collaborations— Arteaga aims to preserve indigenous design practices and highlight sustainability, longevity, and the exquisite.

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Anita Arze Arzé

Anita Arze

We specialize in luxury handmade clothing with a mission to drive sustainable employment in the developing world. Our focus is on social responsibility and environmentally conscious practices.

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Audra Noyes Audra

Audra Noyes

Audra is a luxury womenswear brand producing the highest quality garments for the modern woman with a commitment to quality and craft, responsible design, and inclusive beauty.

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Autumn Adeigbo Autumn Adeigbo

Autumn Adeigbo
Autumn Adeigbo

Autumn Adeigbo is a colorful and conversational fashion brand for professional, high-profile and creative women. Our mission is based on ethical, eco-fashion, inclusive female collaboration and using data to minimize the world’s fashion carbon footprint. The collection is sewn in New York City in female-owned production facilities, hand-beaded by female collectives in Africa who are paid fair-trade wages, and sold via partnership with a community of entrepreneurial women.

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Stephanie Schwallie Castlecliff

Stephanie Schwallie

Inspired by ancient jewelry and 1970's silhouettes, Castlecliff celebrates its rich history by hand crafting jewelry in NYC with recycled metals and vintage glass stones.

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Chorthip Lagnese Chorthip

Chorthip Lagnese

Chorthip is a New York-based fine jewelry line that embodies the beauty of imperfection, simplicity, and timelessness. Designs are realized through environmental mindfulness and care.

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Danielle Fichera Danielle Fichera

Danielle Fichera
Danielle Fichera

The ultimate resort capsule, Danielle Fichera is a luxury collection for the modern voyager. Founded in 2016 by its namesake designer, the line infuses wanderlust with easy sophistication, in elevated destination wear that can be worn anywhere. Every item is produced locally in New York’s historic garment industry. With their refined colors, playful patterns, intricate textures, and clean, classic silhouettes, Danielle Fichera’s joyous garments are intended for women who value the importance of living life beautifully at home and abroad.

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Dashiel Brahmann Dashiel Brahmann

Dashiel Brahmann
Dashiel Brahmann

Dashiel Brahmann is a menswear brand that believes a garment should not shout for attention but allow for the user to discover its beauty and utility. To that end, we work with materials rather than impose ourselves onto them

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Elena Rudenko Elena Rudenko

Elena Rudenko
Elena Rudenko

Elena Rudenko is focused on both comfort & femininity and stays true to the idea of slow fashion. Behind each garment there is believe garments should be convertible means multifunctional, so it can automatically reduce the number of pieces women need to buy, keep in a closet and pack for travel.

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Hope Macdonald Hope by Hope Macdonald

Hope Macdonald
Hope by Hope Macdonald

Hope Macdonald is a painter and designer inspired by the power of color and the energy that a bold and vibrant print infuses into our lives.

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Eree Kim Hopp

Eree Kim

Hopp is a footwear line that combines modern design with comfort technology to create everyday, stylish, walkable shoes for women.

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Kathy Bach  Kaarem

Kathy Bach

Kaarem is a design and production studio based in NYC and Saigon focused on details, construction and craft. We specialize in finishing each piece by hand using the blind stitch method.

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Soull & Dynasty Ogun L’enchanteur

Soull & Dynasty Ogun

L’Enchanteur is a creative incubator that elevates the ordinary by re-imaging the design, purpose and function of everyday items.

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Luz Ortiz).png

Boldly sensitive structures, each instilled with an exquisite balance of organic geometries. With a focus on function, each handcrafted design presents an ageless elegance, eternally captivating beyond place or time.

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Soni Borcar   Mei L'ange

Soni Borcar
Mei L'ange

Mei L'ange is timeless swimwear made for the modern woman. Because elegance should be effortless!

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Nora Gardner  Nora Gardner

Nora Gardner
Nora Gardner

The wardrobe resource for professional women, with an unwavering commitment to convenience, quality, and fit. We aim to elevate and empower women in their careers.

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Parisa Wang  Parisa Wang

Parisa Wang
Parisa Wang

Parisa Wang was founded with the mission to create singular, luxurious handbags with accessible price points that women instinctively reach for.

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Lisa Reali  Reali New York

Lisa Reali
Reali New York

Reali New York is a New York-based menswear company that designs elevated knitwear for the modern man. Their timeless pieces are rooted in performance, craftsmanship and sustainability.

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Sage Loman Sage Aubrey

Sage Loman
Sage Aubrey

Sage Aubrey is an American accessory designer who launched her eponymous handbag brand in 2015. The brand is best known for its distinctive geometric designs, clean esthetic and rich craftsmanship detail.

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Stefan Ayon Stay Made

Stefan Ayon
Stay Made

Minimalist workwear with vintage Japanese motifs; painstakingly handcrafted in New York. No detail superfluous nor overlooked.

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Fiona Morrison Wolf Circus

Fiona Morrison
Wolf Circus

Wolf Circus is a line of demi-fine jewelry thoughtfully designed and hand made in Vancouver, BC. We’re created by, run by, and powered by women — with pieces for you, whoever you choose to be. Wolf Circus aims to inspire others to embrace their confidence during their daily hustle. We are adamant about ensuring our collection is both well-made and well-priced and like to think of ourselves as an attainable luxury.

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Corey Woods YEROC by Corey Woods

Corey Woods
YEROC by Corey Woods

YEROC eyewear serves as a symbol, a prelude to my story. The eyewear represents my ever-
changing metamorphic vision. When you see life through multiple lenses, you heighten your
perspective and comprehension of the world.

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