ALTERED by Kimberly Barasch   Kimberly Barasch

ALTERED by Kimberly Barasch
Kimberly Barasch

ALTERED provides a fit and design solution for women by offering made-to-order & measure, customizable, high-fashion, high-quality women's apparel at an off-the-rack price.

Learn more at ALTERED by Kimberly Barasch.



Anissa Aida   ANISSA AIDA

Anissa Aida

ANISSA AIDA is a slow fashion line with minimalist aesthetic drawing inspiration from traditional garments from Tunisia, North Africa- where I’m from- and Japan. 

Learn more at ANISSA AIDA.

Ariana Boussard-Reifel    Ariana Boussard-Reifel

Ariana Boussard-Reifel
Ariana Boussard-Reifel

Ariana Boussard-Reifel jewelry exists at the nexus of ancient tribal jewelry and sculptural modernism. Our designs are made by hand in NYC using sustainable practices.

Learn more at Ariana Boussard Reifel. 

Alex Konen    ARK

Alex Konen

Attracting a wide age range of clients, the ARK silhouette is loose enough to give you freedom yet leaves room for making a statement. Strong alone, yet powerful when styled together, the transitional collection follows an everlasting monochrome color palette that allows you to live your life with ease.

Learn more at ARK.

Megan Baker    Baker & Black

Megan Baker
Baker & Black

Fine jewelry company creating alluring, glamorous jewels with a retro vibe that look like nothing that has come before.

Learn more at Baker & Black. 

Emily Adams Bode    Bode New York

Emily Adams Bode
Bode New York

Bode is a New York based menswear line that expresses a sentimentality for the past through the interpretation and use of history and personal narratives. 

Learn more at Bode New York. 

Elise Dealmeida  Chikimiki

Elise Dealmeida

From first sketches to final production, Chikimiki garments are made with love in New York City, either in-studio or at local factories. Ethically produced in small, limited-edition quantities with sustainable fabrics, each piece is held to the highest standards of quality. Defying a culture of disposable, mass-produced fashion, Chikimiki designs are made to stand the test of time and trends. With an unconventional eye for color, an emphasis on texture and intricate, hand-sewn embroidery, classic shapes are reinvented and reinvigorated, creating statement pieces that enrich a woman’s core wardrobe and accentuate her personal style.

Learn more at Chikimiki.

Christine Alcalay  Christine Alcalay

Christine Alcalay
Christine Alcalay

Brooklyn-based women's clothing collection inspired by strong women for today's  multifaceted, and modern women.

Learn more at Christine Alcalay. 

Susan Easton  From The Road

Susan Easton
From The Road

From The Road travels the globe collaborating with artisans on modern heirloom textiles for home and self made with heritage techniques that are in danger of disappearing.

Learn more at From The Road. 

Kozaburo Akasaka    Kozaburo

Kozaburo Akasaka

Kozaburo menswear brand based in NY, offers quality products in high-end market worldwide. The product is designed in his unique vision on authenticity.  

Learn more at Kozaburo.

Hathairat Maneerat Hathairat

Hathairat Maneerat Hathairat

Hathairat is a NY based luxury womenswear line known for hard-to-miss statement styles that are whimsical yet elegant with a modern appeal. 

Learn more at Hathairat.

Heike Jarick   Heike NY

Heike Jarick
Heike NY

A collection of highly versatile separates and outerwear pieces as well as accessories created and made in NYC in Italian and Japanese fabrics. Learn more at Heike.   

Stacy Anderson     KENT Woman

Stacy Anderson
KENT Woman

KENT is a radically natural collection of organic silk lingerie and loungewear basics designed and produced in Los Angeles. Learn more at KENT.

Kris Harrington     Kris Harring

Kris Harrington
Kris Harring

Kris Harring is a gender-neutral eveningwear and tailored basics brand based around the deconstruction and re-imagination of the classic tuxedo. Learn more at Kris Harring. 

Juan Carlos Martinez    Marte

Juan Carlos Martinez

Marté’s collections incorporate hand-woven textiles developed by indigenous communities in developing countries in collaboration with NGOs. Our mission is to improve the communities’ living standards.

Learn more at Marté.

Mimi Prober    Mimi Prober

Mimi Prober
Mimi Prober

Mimi Prober is a brand creating sustainable modern handcrafted heirlooms by integrating antique materials, natural dyeing, and partnering with local artisans, farms, mills, and manufacturers. 

Learn more at Mimi Prober.

Mimi Wong Minan Wong

Mimi Wong Minan Wong

Minan Wong is New York City based sustainable luxury woman's ready to wear collection that offers limited runs and exclusive styles.  Inspired by New York City, every piece is designed to support the woman through her everyday challenges.  All pieces are locally made in NYC's garment District for fair wages and to support the local economy.

Learn more at Minan Wong. 

Larissa Muehleder    Muehleder

Larissa Muehleder

Muehleder is a women's contemporary brand based and manufactured in New York City. With each season, Muehleder designs for two female muses, the posh everyday woman, and the chic rebel. The end result is an audacious yet sophisticated brand that caters to all alter egos while maintaining wearability and elegance. Our pieces are designed to stand the test of time, both in terms of quality of the garment and through the timeless design that makes you wear and love a Muehleder piece for many year to come.

Learn more at Muehleder.

Mia Hebib  Oblik Atelier

Mia Hebib
Oblik Atelier

Oblik Atelier is forging an alliance between fashion and art. Our jewelry is bold, elegant, defined through sinuous lines and architectural forms, explorations in shapes and play between positive and negative space. We transcend trends. Our designs speak a fashion conscious woman who has a confident and timeless taste. We believe luxury lies in the way product is produced. Each of our sculptural pieces is hand produced in our Brooklyn studio.  

Learn more at Oblik Atelier

Onyinyechi Brown     Onyii & Co.

Onyinyechi Brown
Onyii & Co.

Onyii & Co is a luxury lifestyle brand that caters to the world traveled woman, known for vivid color, print and bohemian styled silhouettes.  This exclusive collection utilizes the finest quality global textiles, with a focus on luxury, comfort and creative expression......."The gift of travel in every garment.  

Learn more at Onyii & Co. 

Seohee Koh  S/H KOH

Seohee Koh

S/H KOH Jewelry offers wide range jewelry, from silver jewelry to high-end custom-made jewelry. Meanwhile, the entire line is aligned with the theme of 20th century modernist art and architecture, so they are aesthetically recognizable. 

Learn more at S/H KOH.

Angela Lin  THEY New York

Angela Lin
THEY New York

THEY is a luxury, unisex footwear company based in New York City. Our designs focus on finding the delicate balance between intricate construction and elegant design, to create something austerely simple yet essentially versatile 

Learn more at THEY New York. 

Maggie Bacon & Lily Chen  Thistle & Spire

Maggie Bacon & Lily Chen
Thistle & Spire

Thistle & Spire is designed by juxtaposing luxe fabrics & alluring architectural details mirroring the multi-faceted sides of being a woman.  An independent label owned and operated by a small team of creatives in Brooklyn. 

Learn more at Thistle & Spire. 



Vaquera is a narrative clothing line and an artistic exploration on fashion itself: fashion fan fiction.

Learn more at Vaquera.