Alasdair NY                    April Johnson

                    Alasdair NY
                 April Johnson

Alasdair is a focused collection made in NYC created for women with a sense of individuality and personal style. Alasdair is a wardrobe of essentials with clean silhouettes cut from luxurious fabrics that give any woman a truly functional fashion wardrobe of modern pieces that she can wear every day, all day. Alasdair



                        Eva Xu         All Comes From Nothing

                      Eva Xu
        All Comes From Nothing

ACFN is a New York based women’s wear dedicated to women with creative professions. Brings artist collaborations with comfort, elegant shapes, timeless and ageless, easy mix-and-match styles, and attention to detail design. All Comes From Nothing. 

                   Nicole Heim                     Cienne NY

                 Nicole Heim
                  Cienne NY

Globally sourced, locally made. Minimally designed, thoughtfully considered. Cienne NY

         Maxwell Amadeus Coombs-Esmai                     Adam Thomison                   Control Sector

   Maxwell Amadeus Coombs-Esmai
                  Adam Thomison
                  Control Sector

Control Sector is an NYC based contemporary streetwear brand. We aim to defy convention yet remain wearable.
Control Sector

               Daniel Silverstein

             Daniel Silverstein

ZWD is a collection of zero waste staples starting with sweatshirts and joggers for the city minded environmentalist, made entirely from 100% pre consumer cutting room waste. Daniel Silverstein

                  Reuben Reuel                   Demestiks

                Reuben Reuel

Demestiks New York is dedicated to provide contemporary, classic designs. The aesthetic of the label is finding fabrics that inspire creativity and producing in New York City. Demestiks

         Megan Balch & Jamie Barker                       Flagpole

       Megan Balch & Jamie Barker

Flagpole is a luxury women's swim and coverup brand based in New York City. Flagpole

              Timothy and Dan Joo                       Haerfest

            Timothy and Dan Joo

Haerfest (pronounced "harvest") is an exploration of essence, aesthetic, and utility, resulting in exceptional objects that are useful and attractive. 

Well-known for its leather accessories, Haerfest has made a name for itself at home and abroad for its signature interpretation of the familiar. The vision guiding its success comes from the brand’s collective team, whose creative process is one part steady observation, one part pure intuition. Haerfest

                    Jeffery Dodd

                  Jeffery Dodd

Launched in 2014, Jeffrey Dodd is a sophisticated collection featuring trademark draping and masterful tailoring. Using the finest materials, the line speaks to the modern woman. Jeffrey Dodd

                    Anna Kimelman                         Line Dry

                  Anna Kimelman
                      Line Dry

Line Dry is a brand that not only encapsulates the girl-on-the-go, but is constantly informed by travel, exploration, and growth. The pieces in the collection take her from morning to midnight using classic, easy silhouettes including styles that are reversible or can be worn in multiple ways. Line Dry

                    Mansi Shah   

                  Mansi Shah

Mansi Shah is a NYC studio that creates signature prints & products inspired by the alchemy of image-making. The studio makes unisex and seasonless accessories with a focus on prints. Mansi Shah

                 Melitta Baumeister

               Melitta Baumeister

We currently design and manufacture womenswear, selling wholesale to international retailers. We are branching into e-commerce retail and developing new products 4 seasons a year. Melitta Baumeister

                Louisa Rechter and                Alessandra Perez-Rubio                       Mestiza

             Louisa Rechter and
          Alessandra Perez-Rubio

Mestiza New York offers ornate, vintage glamour cocktail attire inspired by a blended heritage. To salute the modern Filipiniana who inspires the line, Mestiza New York has partnered with the Habi Foundation in the Philippines to preserve female artisanal craft. Mestiza New York

               Jordana Warmflash                            Novis

             Jordana Warmflash

Inspired by the art world, Novis offers the modern, cultured woman a range of artful, optimistic, elegantly simple clothing beautifully constructed from luxurious fabrics. Novis

               Adeniyi Okuboyejo                    Post Imperial

             Adeniyi Okuboyejo
                 Post Imperial

Post-Imperial is a menswear brand with a strong sense of optimism for the future and a focus on color, pattern and process. We treat our fabrics in Nigeria and construct our products in the United States. Our goal is to always design for now by shaping cultural concepts through a modern perspective. Post Imperial

        Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek             Rebecca Schoneveld

      Rebecca Schoneveld Cheek
          Rebecca Schoneveld

We design/produce a line of customizable wedding gowns which we sell in our flagship Brooklyn boutique and also wholesale to boutiques around the country. Rebecca Schoneveld

                     Selin Kent   

                   Selin Kent

Selin Kent is a fine jewelry brand launched in 2013. Selin Kent

                    Shala Karimi   

                  Shala Karimi

Shahla Karimi creates visual vignettes through inspired, luxury fashion and fine jewelry.  All pieces are designed and made in NYC. Shala Karimi

                Amanda Campbell                  Slight Jewelry

              Amanda Campbell
                 Slight Jewelry

Slight Jewelry creates unique and quirky unisex designs inspired by science fiction using the highest quality and ethically sourced materials, all designed/produced in NYC. Slight Jewelry

   Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott             Wolcott-Takemoto

 Natasha Takemoto and Joy Wolcott

Wolcott Takemoto was developed with the notion of creative independence and design integrity with clothing that puts thought towards fit and quality. Wolcott Takemoto

                   Thaddeus O'Neil

                 Thaddeus O'Neil

Thaddeus O’Neil is a New York based fashion label of American luxury playwear, combining artisanal luxury with a relaxed elegance and classic American cool. Thaddeus O'Neil

                 Deanna Ansara                Vincetta Studio

               Deanna Ansara
               Vincetta Studio

Vincetta is a women's ready-to-wear brand offering modern essentials with perfect harmony between broken and beautiful; strong and soft; masculine and feminine elements. Vincetta Studio

           Lizzie and Darlene Okpo                 William Okpo

         Lizzie and Darlene Okpo
                William Okpo

William Okpo is inspired by the parents of the Okpo sisters. Daughters of Nigerian immigrants, motivated by the interplay of their parents personal style with American culture. William Okpo

                     Laura Wass                  WXYZ Jewelry

                   Laura Wass
                 WXYZ Jewelry

Trend-setting, mind-bending geometric designs, that range from minimal jewelry, to statement pieces, to animal ears and head sculpture.  Sold in stores like Colette, Selfridges, Joyce, and featured in publications like NYTimes, Vogue, and W.  WXYZ Jewelry